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If you do not want to drive the approximately 2,000 km long journey by car, you will travel to Ostuni by flying to Brindisi or Bari. From Brindisi (30 km) or Bari (80 km) you can drive the last part with a rented car.

Transavia flies daily from Schiphol to Bari. With the budget airline Ryanair you fly directly from Eindhoven to Brindisi or from Maastricht to Bari.

Flight schedule summer 2018


  • Amsterdam-Bari and vice versa: daily


  • Eindhoven-Brindisi and for example on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Maastricht-Bari and for example on Wednesdays and Sundays


  • Cologne to Bari (TUI Fly)
  • Düsseldorf / Weeze to Bari (Ryanair)
  • Brussels / Zaventem to Brindisi (JetAir Fly)
  • Brussels / Charleroi to Brindisi and Bari (Ryanair)
  • Schiphol with a transfer in Milan (EasyJet) or Rome (KLM / Alitalia) to Brindisi and Bari